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Klaartje Quirijns

Klaartje Quirijns (born 1967, Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a Dutch film and television director and producer. In The Netherlands she worked as a documentary director and producer for the leading public stations (VPRO, IKON and NPS).

Quirijns was previously based in New York City. Recent credits include a documentary called Brooklyn Dodgers (about the baseball team). Far more controversial is The Brooklyn Connection (2005) in which she interviewed Kosovan-born American gun runner Florin Krasniqi, and accompanied him on a purchase of weapons from an Army Surplus store.[1]

She directed the 2007 film, The Dictator Hunter (see Souleymane Guengueng). Her newest film is Peace vs. Justice, a documentary about the Lord's Resistance Army [2] While pursuing independent documentary projects, Quirijns continues to work as a correspondent for Dutch national radio and television.[3]

In 2013, Quirijns began to direct fiction films. Her first work was Speelman, a story of a marriage, which premiered to great acclaim at the Dutch Film Festival in the Netherlands.

Klaartje Quirijns is currently working on three new films:

The Dictator Hunter, a fiction film based on her documentary (2007 The Dictator Hunter). (produced by Anne Carey written by Michael Bronner (Captain Phillips and Greenzone)

They Fuck You Up, an essayistic film, drawing on psychoanalysis, about the roles we play, scripted by our family and how we might break through these patterns by understanding them. (produced by Pieter van Huystee)

Ten White Geese, a full-length fiction film based on a book by Gerbrand Bakker, a Dutch writer that has also received high acclaim internationally, including winner of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2013. (produced by Jeroen Beker and Els Vandervorst)


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