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Klara kyrka
Klara kyrka february 2013 01.jpg
Klara Church
Basic information
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Geographic coordinates 59°19′52″N 18°03′42″E / 59.33111°N 18.06167°E / 59.33111; 18.06167
Affiliation Church of Sweden
Rite Protestant
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Parish church
Architectural description
Interior of the church in HDR image
The sanctuary

The Church of Saint Clare or Klara Church (Swedish: Klara kyrka) is a church in central Stockholm.

The Church of Saint Clare is located on Klara Västra Kyrkogata in the Klara area in lower Norrmalm. The graveyard, which has been in the same location since the 17th century, is almost surrounded by modern buildings.

The convent and church of St. Clare was founded on the site in 1280s. Gustav Vasa had the church and convent torn down in 1527 and construction of the current church started in 1572 under Johan III.

The church tower was built as part of restoration work in the 1880s and is 116 metres (381 ft) tall.[1]

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Coordinates: 59°19′52″N 18°03′42″E / 59.33111°N 18.06167°E / 59.33111; 18.06167