Klaus Bischoff

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Klaus Bischoff
Bischoff 2009 Dortmund.jpg
Bischoff at Dortmund 2009
Full name Klaus Bischoff
Country  Germany
Born (1961-06-09) June 9, 1961 (age 53)
Title Grandmaster
FIDE rating 2496 (December 2014)

Klaus Bischoff (born June 9, 1961 in Ulm) is a German chess player. He was awarded the Grandmaster title by FIDE in 1990.

In international tournaments, he has taken a share of first place on a number of occasions, including Kecskemét 1988, Arosa 1996, Recklinghausen 1999, Essen 2000, Bad Zwesten 2003 and Bad Zwesten again in 2005. In 2006, he tied for 2nd-9th with Luke McShane, Stephen J. Gordon, Gawain Jones, Šarūnas Šulskis, Luís Galego, Danny Gormally and Karel van der Weide in the 2nd EU Individual Open Chess Championship in Liverpool.[1]

He is a noted expert at rapid chess and is an eleven-time champion of his nation's blitz chess championship. In 1999, he shared first place at the prestigious Essen Rapidplay event with Vladimir Epishin.

Also a competitor in team chess events, he was part of the German team that took the silver medal at the 34th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, 2000.[2]


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