Klaus Lynggaard Hougesen

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Klaus Lynggaard Hougesen
Born 1978
Skørping, Denmark
Education Stud.Math
Occupation Entrepreneur
Spouse(s) Katrine Weber
Parent(s) Thomas Kjær Hougesen, Birthe Lynggaard Hougesen

Klaus Lynggaard Hougesen (born 1978) is a Danish serial entrepreneur and a design and IT specialist. He is active in a number of consultancy networks, amongst others DABGO[1] He is the owner of the design firm Threads[2] which was founded in 2004 by himself and his brother.[3]

After working in the fashion industry and seeing the conditions in Asian factories,[4] they decided to go another way, a longer, slower and tougher one.[5] Which resulted in an ethically correct production model for producing handmade goods in Asia. Their first iteration of applying this model has resulted in the apparel brand Bythreads.[6]

He has worked and lived for several year in Innsbruck, Austria & Tokyo, Japan where he gained a minimalistic approach to design evident in so many of his designs[7][8] & products.[9]

Klaus Lynggaard Hougesen is co-founder of Northernmind a Scandinavian Startup incubator whose sole purpose is to create viable business with special focus on medical company/it & web technologies amongst others carecord.com.[10]

He has been a Creative Director[11] for several companies.

He fences and has participated in the Danish Championship for Seniors fencers where he was placed 28th.

He is the co-author of Super Samurai[12] an advanced flash book.