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KLEE Band aus Koeln.jpg
Klee at the "Edge Of The Sea-Festival 2010" in Brighton
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Pop, Rock
Years active 2002–present
Website Official Website (in German)
Members Suzie Kerstgens
Sten Servaes

Live Musicians:
Andreas "Pese" Puscher
Stefan "Pele" Goetzer
Daniel Klingen

Klee (literally "Clover"), named after Paul Klee, is a German pop-band from Cologne.

Lineup 2002–2010 (studio)[edit]

Lineup 2010–present (studio)[edit]


In the 1990s Tom Deininger, Sten Servaes and Suzie Kerstgens formed Ralley, but an accident in 2002 forced them to take a break and reform as Klee. The name was inspired (according to Suzie Kerstgens) by the work of Paul Klee, and also refers to the four leaf clover as a good luck symbol.

With the change of name there was also a slight change of style from guitar music to electropop.

In 2002 the Song "Erinner Dich" was released from the first Klee album Unverwundbar. It charted at 94 and remained one week in the Top 100.

In October 2004 the second album appeared Jelängerjelieber. The first single release "2 Fragen" ("Two Questions") brought Klee to the notice of radio and TV. In November 2004 Sarah Kuttner (MTV show) brought Klee's new song "Gold" to a larger TV-public. In February 2005 Klee appeared on the Bundesvision Song Contest and performed "Gold" representing for the Saarland and came 10th. Gold reached number 54 the German Top 100 and was nine weeks in the charts altogether. Jelängerjelieber appeared in July 2006 under the title Honeysuckle the USA (so called because Americans apparently preferred a more accessible name). From this album three singles were released in English, "Für alle, die" ("This is for Everyone"), "Tausendfach" ("A thousand ways") and Gold. On 4 August 2006 Klee's third album Zwischen Himmel und Erde, appeared, and charted at 17.

On 7 July 2006 the single "Die Stadt" ("The City") appeared and reached place 55 in the first week.

On the new album Zwischen Himmel und Erde and with the live-appearances supported with percussion and bass rock was again more prominent.

On 11 July 2008 the band released the single "Zwei Herzen" ("Two Hearts"), Klee's biggest hit to-date. It reached number 29 in the charts. On 1 August 2008 Klee's fourth album "Berge Versetzen" ("Moving Mountains") appeared and entered the album charts at number 15. The second single released from this album, the titletrack "Berge versetzen" appeared on October 31, 2008.

In June 2010 original member Tom Deininger parted company with the band.

The 26th of August 2011 will see the appearing of Klee's fifth album "Aus lauter Liebe". The first single from this album, "Willst du bei mir bleiben", is due to release on 5 August 2011.

Live appearances[edit]

Klee frequently performs live, with about 120 concerts in 2005 alone. Appearances range from small venues to appearances opening for bands like The Wedding Present and Nena. The band adds a drummer and bassist to its live lineup and adopts a more "rock sound" than in its studio work. Concerts are characterized by individual statements and spontaneous interjections by Kerstgens.


Most of Klee's lyrics and music are written by the group's three core members, but the band collaborates with lyricist Tom Liwa on some songs. Klee's lyrics refer to deeply felt moments in human relationships. Klee's lyrics straddle the material world and a dream world in which desires and conflicts intermingle.



  • 2002: Unverwundbar (Invulnerable)
  • 2004: Jelängerjelieber (the longer the better) D: #75
  • 2005: Jelängerjelieber (Live Edition 2CD-Package)
  • 2006: Honeysuckle (US-Version of Jelängerjelieber)
  • 2006: Zwischen Himmel und Erde (between heaven and earth) D: #17
  • 2006: Zwischen Himmel und Erde (Limited Deluxe Edition with Bonus Concert DVD)
  • 2008: Berge Versetzen (moving mountains)
  • 2011: Aus lauter Liebe (out of sheer love)


  • 2002: Erinner dich (Remember) D: #94
  • 2003: Lichtstrahl (Ray of light)
  • 2003: Nicht immer aber jetzt (Not always, but now)
  • 2004: 2 Fragen (2 questions)
  • 2005: Gold (Gold) D: #54
  • 2005: Tausendfach (A Thousand Ways) D: #85
  • 2005: Für alle, die (For all who)
  • 2006: Die Stadt (The city) D: #55
  • 2006: Liebe mich Leben (Love me life) ( English Lyrics )
  • 2007: Dieser Fehler (This Mistake)
  • 2008: Zwei Herzen (Two Hearts) D: #29
  • 2008: Berge versetzen (Moving mountains) D: #57
  • 2011: Willst Du bei mir bleiben (Do you want to stay with me) #29


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