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Klein ISD Instructional Center
Klein ISD Annex
Klein ISD Police Department
Superintendent Dr. Cain with Krimmel Intermediate Principal Mr. Crowe

Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) is a school district that covers 87.5 square miles (227 km2) of land in Harris County, Texas, United States. Almost all of the territory is unincorporated; a small portion of Houston is within the district's limits. 41,800 students attend Klein ISD Schools for the 2007-08 school year. Klein ISD is part of the taxation base for Lone Star College System. Dr. Jim Cain is Superintendent of Schools.

In 2010 and 2009, the school district was rated "recognized" by the Texas Education Agency.[1]


Klein ISD serves unincorporated portions of northern Harris County, Texas, United States and includes the communities and neighborhoods of Klein, Kohrville, Louetta, North Houston, Greenwood Forest, Woods of Wimbledon, Windrose and Gleannloch Farms. Additionally, some areas within the Spring and Tomball postal designations,with 950 employees, as well as a portion of "Acres Homes", which is within the city limits of Houston, are also served by Klein ISD.


Klein ISD Memorial Stadium

The district was named for Adam Klein who led many German immigrants into the area in 1849. Originally named Rural High School District No. 1 in July 1928, it became known as the Klein Independent School District in February 1938. (By Board Policy, all high schools will include the name 'Klein' as the first word in honor of the district's namesake.)

In 1971, Dr. Donald Richard Collins became the district's superintendent, a position he served until his retirement in 2000. Under his tenure, the number of schools in the district rose from 6 to over 30. It was largely under his influence that the district adopted and continued the policy of naming the schools after early immigrants to the area. These families were largely German in ancestry, and in many cases were related to the Klein family. In 2001, Klein Collins High School was named in his honor.

Bond 2008[edit]

On May 10, 2008 a bond referendum for $646.9 million was passed with ~52% (4732 of 9152) of the ballots for it.[2][3]

List of Campuses[edit]

All campuses are located in unincorporated Harris County, Texas. Clicking on the Campus Link will go to the Campus Website. Clinking on the school name in the school name column will take you to the Wikipedia article about that campus. If no Wikipedia article is available then it will take you to the campus official website.

High Schools[edit]

Campus Name Date Opened Campus Leadership Mascot School Colors TEA Rating
Klein High School 1928(current location in 1963) Larry Whitehead Bearkats Blue and Gold Academically Acceptable
Klein Forest High School 1979 Patricia Crittendon Golden Eagles Green and Gold Recognized
Klein Oak High School 1982 Dr. Brian Greeney Panthers Black and Gold Recognized
Klein Collins High School 2001 Randy Kirk Tigers Navy Blue, Red and Vegas Gold Recognized

All students have the opportunity to go to the Vistas High School Program.

Intermediate Schools[edit]

School Name Opening Date Campus Leadership Mascot
Hildebrandt Intermediate School 1973 Dr. Joffery Jones Mustangs
Wunderlich Intermediate School 1975 Dr. Chris Rugerio Wildcats
Strack Intermediate School 1977 Mr. Steven Owen Cougars
Kleb Intermediate School 1981 (current Campus opened in 1993)[4] Ms. Jessica Haddox Bear Cubs
Klein Intermediate School 1984 Mr. Bob Anderson Falcons
Doerre Intermediate School 1984 Ms. Cissy Saccomanno Warriors
Schindewolf Intermediate School 2002 Mrs. Hamilton Timberwolves
Krimmel Intermediate School 2007 Mr. W. Scott Crowe Knights
Ulrich Intermediate School 2010 Mr. Jeff Bailey Bulldogs

Elementary Schools[edit]

Haude Elementary School
Mittelstädt Elementary School
School Name Opening Date Campus Leadership Mascot
Haude Elementary School 1971 Sue Schuelke Jaguars
Northampton Elementary School 1971 Jane McKetta Colts
Greenwood Forest Elementary School 1971 Maryanne Straub Grissly Bears
Epps Island Elementary School 1973 Kristin Bevan Tigers
Theiss Elemenatary School 1974 Joann Kennan Tigers
Benfer Elementary School 1977 Loranine Lambert Bobcat
Kaiser Elementary School 1978 Robert Jones Cowboys
Brill Elementary School 1978 Dayna Hernandez Broncos
Ehrhardt Elementary School 1979 Eagles
Lemm Elementary School 1980 Lions
Nitsch Elementary School 1980 Knights
Krahn Elementary School 1983 Cardinals
Roth Elementary School 1984 Gail McGuire Rams
Kuehnle Elementary School 1989 Koalas
Mittelstädt Elementary School 1991 Patriots
Klenk Elementary School 1992 Cougars
Eiland Elementary School 1993 Dolphins
Schultz Elementary School 1994 Eagles
Hassler Elementary School 1999 Ponies
Kohrville Elementary School 2002 Coyotes
Kreinhop Elementary School 2004 Wolves
McDougle Elementary School 2004 Lynn Brown Lions
Metzler Elementary School 2005 Huskies
Benignus Elementary School 2006 Leopards
Frank Elementary School 2007 Flyers
Mueller Elementary School 2009 Stars
Blackshear Elementary School 2011 Darrel Luedeker Buffaloes
Zwink Elementary School 2012 Jenny McGown Zebras Bernshausen Elementary School 2013

Former Campuses[edit]

  • Klein Intermediate School (Next to current Klein High School. Opened 1967, became Klein HS 9th grade building in 1975, became Kleb Intermediate School in 1981, Became Klein Annex in 1993)[5]
  • Klein Elementary School (Located next to original Klein High School on Spring Cypress Road, opened 1940, renamed Klein Middle School in 1971)[5]
  • Garden City Elementary School (Located on W. Montgomery Road just south of the present day Nitsch Elementary School, opened 1956, closed in the 1970s)[5]
  • Recreation Acres Elemenatary School (Served southern part of district. Opened 1949)[5]
  • Kohrville Schoolhouse (Located at the present-day corner of Spring-Cypress and Huffsmith-Kohrville Roads. Opened 1895, closed 1967. In the days of segregation this was the African American School. It served the community of Kohrville)[5]

Specific Campus Information[edit]

Doerre Intermediate School[edit]

Doerre Intermediate School was built in 1984. The school was relieved somewhat by the opening of Krimmel Intermediate School in fall 2007 in the opening of Ulrich Intermediate School in 2010. The Doerre mascot is the Indian warrior. The Principal is Cissy Saccomanno with the assistant principals Mr. Larry Dommino, Ms. Ursula Johnston and Mrs. Karen Kulhanek-Rochen. Students continue on to either Klein High School or Klein Oak High School.[citation needed]

Campus Leadership[edit]

Title Name Assignment
Head Principal Cissy Saccomanno Overall school operations
Assistant Principals Larry Dommino 8th Grade Students
Ursula Johnston 7th Grade Students
Karen Kulhanek-Rochen 6th Grade Students

Kleb Intermediate School[edit]

Kleb Intermediate School was modeled after Doerre Intermediate, with Doerre's colors being yellow, red, and cream. The Principal is Jessica Haddox. The school colors are blue, gold and white with a bearcub mascot. Originally built in 1981, then rebuilt in its current location in 1993. All students continue into Klein High School.[citation needed]

Schindewolf Intermediate (SIS)[edit]

Schindewolf neighbors Klein Collins High School and was established one year after Collins in 2002. Schindewolf's Principal is Mrs. Debbie Hamilton. The school mascot(s) are the Timberwolves. The School colors are navy, white and grey. Notably, SIS is widely known among Klein ISD for its exceptional band Program under director Micheal Keig and Assistant Director Susan Housen.

Klenk Elementary School[edit]

Klenk has a Houston mailing address but is not located within city limits. The school opened on August 24, 1992. It was named after early German settlers in the area. Klenk's mascot is the cougar and the school is usually enrolled with 800 to 1,200 students. The school is located adjacent to the Cutten Green and Champions Point Village subdivisions. The former principal, Lynn Allen, retired in 2006 and the former assistant principal, Sandra Simi took the job. Klenk also hosts a radio station, KUGR, and is announced every morning by a group of 5th graders. Each year, 4th graders can audition to become part of KUGR for the next year.

Campus Leadership[edit]

Principal: Sandra Simi
Assistant Principals: Dorothy Stroech and Frank Ward

The school feeds into Wunderlich Intermediate School and then into Klein Forest High School.

Klein Intermediate School[edit]

Klein Intermediate was built in the early 1980s. The school's Principal is Bob Anderson. The Klein mascot is the falcon and its school colors are red, white and, black. Klein Intermediate students continue on to Klein Forest High School.

Ulrich Intermediate School[edit]

Ulrich Intermediate School is modeled after Krimmel Intermediate. The Principal is Dr. Kathy Brown. The mascot is a Bulldog. Most students feed into Klein Oak High School. Ulrich opened in August 2010. The school relieved over-crowding at Krimmel Intermediate and parts of Kleb and Doerre. Ulich was the first Intermediate School in Klein ISD to have assembled a second gymnasium to its facility. Ulrich is the latest Intermediate School to be opened in Klein ISD.

The school administrators are:

  • Principal: Kathy Brown
  • Assistant Principals:
    • Stephinie Romero
    • Wade Johnson
    • Linda Galica

The school's colors are Red, White, and Blue.

Krimmel Intermediate School[edit]

Opened in Fall 2006,[6] Krimmel Intermediate School relieved at least three other intermediate schools. The school feeds to Klein Oak High School.

The school administrators are:[7]

  • Principal: Scott Crowe
  • Assistant Principals:
    • Dayna Hernandez, 6th grade
    • Larry Rychlik, 7th grade
    • Stephanie Langner, 8th grade

The mascot for the Krimmel Intermediate Knights is Sir Techknowalot, named because of schools use of Tablet PCs. Krimmel is the first school in Klein ISD to distribute Tablet PCs (Compaq TC4400) to each student.[6]

The school colors are Black and Silver.

Frank Elementary School[edit]

Frank Elementary School[8] opened in 2007. It is a redesign of Benignus Elementary School[citation needed]

Roth Elementary[edit]

Roth is located in the Bridgestone sub-division in Spring, TX. Its mascot(s) are the Roth Rams. It is recognized as a Texas Exemplary school and has been a NO Place For Hate school for years. Roth is directly related to the slightly older Lemm Elementary architecturally. It feeds chiefly into Schindewolf Intermediate and then to Klein Collins

Future Schools[edit]

  • High School Number 5 (Construction currently paused)[9]

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