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KlickEx Corporation
Type Private
Industry Trade and development
Founded 2009 (2009)
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Area served Pacific Islands
Key people Robert Bell (co-founder)
Brett Waterson (co-founder)
Jeffrey Frank (US General Manager)
Products Private electronic market
Settlement (finance)
Payment system
Foreign Exchange
Employees 11
Parent KlickEx Corporation
Website www.klickex.net

KlickEx is a Polynesian payments system for low value electronic foreign exchange transactions using an interbank smart market retail system. It provides low cost electronic foreign exchange clearing services to clients in the Pacific Islands avoiding the usual foreign transfer fees and spreads charged by banks by matching up individuals sending payments to and from the islands.

Payments can be made between the Pacific Islands and Australia, New Zealand and Europe.[1] The system also allows users to transfer directly to mobile wallets.[2]

The system is an electronic alternative to traditional international bank transfers and older remittance networks where the minimum transfer fees would often make it uneconomical to send low value payments that are typical for migrant workers and relatives of the island communities.

The company has won a number of awards and support from NZ government development agencies for providing a service that will allow low value payments to made at much lower cost to impoverished communities in the south Pacific islands.


KlickEx was developed in 2009 in conjunction with New Zealand high-net-worth asset management firm UBNZ World Markets, online technology platform OneWay.co.nz. The company name is derived from the title: The Klick Exchange Trading Company. The company was resident of the ICE-house incubator innovation centre in Auckland.

The KlickEx system is based on trading technology that has been operational since 2002.

Through a regional partnership with the United Nations Development Program, and the Australian and New Zealand Governments in 2011; KlickEx continued to build services and by providing the platform for Mobile Carriers (MNO) to integrate mobile wallet platforms into the established banking system; thereby accelerating the penetration of financial services to the unbanked in the Pacific, particularly focusing on Rural communities, and financial inclusion for women in developing economies.[3]

In 2012 the company was a finalist for several New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards, in several categories including Ministry of Science and Innovation Start-up of the Year, Best New Software, Best New Service (2012).[4]


The company has three core divisions: A retail operation, providing payment services in the South Pacific, www.KlickEx.com, an Institutional operation, connecting smaller banks to regional and world-wide clearing networks, VOSnet www.KlickEx.net, and NGO/Development operations, providing regulators and government agencies with statistical and compliance solutions, www.KlickEx.org.

The company provides three core products to participants:

  • An open access Private electronic market for multi-currency settlements. The micro-currency system provides members the facility to move both ultra-low-value and high-value quantities of foreign exchange through the foreign exchange markets, without traditional FX margins.
  • multi-regional clearing, verification, and order forwarding, this allows the proceeds of multi-currency settlements to be forwarded on electronically at bank-bank exchange rates, providing end users efficient access to overhead-free FX rates.
  • cashflow tracking services and wealth management systems enable enhanced transparency and consumer security across a multi-currency platform.

KlickEx operates an straight-through processing settlement system that enables individuals and partnership banks to gain access to cross-border foreign currency clearing facilities and rapid settlement between accounts, delivering cleared funds across currencies in seconds. The system micro-manages standing orders for foreign exchange as little as NZ$1.00. With retail clients in New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and Samoa having immediate access following a short approval and Anti-money laundering process.



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