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Klingonz Gig in Russia 2008.jpg
Klingonz performing in Russia in 2008.
Background information
Genres Psychobilly
Years active 1988 (1988)–present
Labels Fury
Crazy Love
Associated acts Demented Are Go, Mad Sin
Members Titch
Past members Eddie
Mick Carroll
This article is about the psychobilly band. For the fictional race, see Klingon.

Klingonz are a psychobilly band formed in 1988. Their original line-up had Titch doing lead vocals, Doyley on guitar, Strangy playing double bass and Mocker on drums. Strangy was replaced by Eddie after their second album, Blurb. Strangy joined Karloff, known then as Numbskulls, a band fronted by Strangy's brother Ash. Mick of Phantom Rockers would later replace Doyley on Guitar. In 1998 this line-up recorded an EP entitled The Mad are Sane under the name Looper.

Doyley and Strangy went on to form Celtic Bones.

The band reformed with the original line-up in 2001 and continue to tour and record. In summer 2009 Doyley hacked it and left the band.[1] Dave Deville joined on guitar in 2009 and the present line-up are currently touring & gigging. New album to be released next year.



  • The Best of Klingonz (Fury)
  • Blurb (Fury)
  • Bollox (Fury)
  • Flange (Fury)
  • Jobot (Fury)
  • Lost In Space (Ring Sting)
  • Mong (Fury)
  • Psycho's From Beyond (Fury/Crazy Love)
  • Up Uranus (Crazy Love)
  • Still Stompin (2007, Ring Sting)


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