Knesset Eliyahoo

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Knesset Eliyahoo
בית הכנסת אליהו
The exterior of the synagogue
Basic information
Location India Mumbai, India
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Rite Sephardic
Province Marashtra
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Active

The Knesset Eliyahoo, also Knesset Eliyahu, is an 1885 Orthodox synagogue in Fort (area) in downtown Mumbai. It was built by Jacob Elias Sassoon and his brothers to commemorate their father and is run by the Jacob Sassoon Trust.

In 1985, the President of India, Giani Zail Singh, visited to honor the centennial of the building of the synagogue. The Indian Post Office issued a stamp in honor of the centennial.[1]

Until the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, services were led by Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg.[2]

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