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Birth name Nenad Knežević
Born (1967-12-05) December 5, 1967 (age 46)
Origin Cetinje, Montenegro, Yugoslavia
Genres Pop, dance-pop, Eurodance
Occupations Singer-songwriter
Years active 1992–present (solo career)
Labels PGP-RTS (1994-1996)
ZAM (1996)
City Records (2000 - Present)

Nenad Knežević (Montenegrin: Nenad Knežević) (born December 5, 1967 in Cetinje, Yugoslavia, now Montenegro), widely known by his nickname/stagename Knez, is a popular Montenegrin singer. Knez lives in Belgrade.


Early years[edit]

At six years of age, Knez sang "Bio jednom jedan lav" on the Naša Radost Festival in Titograd, (now Podgorica). He was schooled in the same city. After high school, he was a member of group "Milan i Luna". Whilst in high school, he began his first band, Visoka frekvencija (English: High Frequency), with guitarist, Leo Đokaj. With the band, he created the songs, "Da l' si ikada mene voljela" and "Kao magija". Later, he created The Moon Band, which appeared on the Montenegrin coast. He later created the Montenegro Band with his father, Milija Knežević.


In 1992, Knez began his solo career and appeared at the Belgrade Pop Festival, Mesam, with the song, "Da l' si ikada mene voljela". In that same year, Knez recorded his first album, Kao magija, with the help of former band member, guitarist Leo Đokaj and songwriters, Ljubo Jovović and Zlatko Jovović. In 1994, Knez recorded his second album, Iz dana u dan. In 1996, Knez recorded his third album, Automatic. This album was the highest-selling album. The biggest concert he had in his career was in Sava Center. In 1999, a compilation was released under the name, The Best of Knez, which included 18 old songs, 2 new songs, "Nijedna žena na svijetu" and "Ti ne znaš ko sam ja", and a remix of "Kao magija". In 2000, he competed in the Budva 2000 Festival with the song, Vjeruj, which won the first place. In 2001, Knez recorded his fourth album, Daleko, visoko. In 2003, Knez recorded his fifth album, Ti me znaš. He won the third place at the Music Festival Budva 2006.

In 2005, Knez recorded his sixth album, Vanilla.


Parallel to his solo career, Knez wrote and produced songs for other performers. The most popular of these would be turbofolk superstar Ceca for whom Knez wrote three songs, including big hits "Mrtvo more" and "Usnula lepotice".



  • The Best of Knez (1999)
  • Balade (2006)
  • Opa Cupa (2012)

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