Knights of Bloodsteel

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Knights of Bloodsteel
Knights of Bloodsteel.jpg
Written by Sam Egan
Directed by Phillip Spink
Country of origin Canada
United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 2
Original channel SyFy

Knights of Bloodsteel is a 2009 television film, produced by Reunion Pictures. RHI Entertainment distributed the project internationally.

It originally aired on April 19, 2009 on SyFy.[1]


In the faraway land of Mirabilis, the warlord Dragon-Eye has unleashed his terrifying forces to hunt down the source of all power, a legendary Crucible. With freedom hanging in the balance, a motley band of knights embarks on a dangerous mission to fight against the dreaded assassins, dragons and soldiers of Dragon-Eye and rescue their world from the clutches of evil once and for all.



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