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KnockanStockan Independent Music Festival logo.jpg
KnockanStockan Independent Music Festival
Genre Independent music
Dates 27–29 July
Location(s) Blessington, County Wicklow

KnockanStockan is an award-winning Irish independent music festival now in its eighth year. Each year the festival takes place overlooking the Blessington lakes in Wicklow.

In 2008, KnockanStockan won "Best Small Festival" at the Irish Festival Awards.

In 2012, KnockanStockan was shortlisted for the Irish Times - The Ticket Festival Awards [1]


The communities of Lacken and Ballyknockan have become an integral part of the KnockanStockan music festival since it began in 2007. The support and co-operation of the residents has been and still is vital to the continual growth and success of the festival. KnockanStockan believe that giving back to the community is top priority.

To date they have helped to raise thousands for numerous community and youth initiatives within the area, that includes a new school, and plans to build a new community centre.

The Story So Far[edit]

KnockanStockan began with the idea that musicians needed to group together to share, showcase and ultimately celebrate their music with friends in order to crack the elusive music industry.

At venues around Dublin a collective of artists known as the ‘Primal Jelly Social Club’ burst onto an stagnant live music scene, creating new platforms for themselves and the city’s other hard-working bands and performers. But more was needed.

In 2007, a small mini-camping festival and musical weekend in The Ballyknockan Inn offered 40 acts ‘A musician’s festival for musicians’. KnockanStockan was born!

In 2008, KnockanStockan returned: an alliance of passionate volunteers, musical talents and a friendly farmer forged a 3-day festival to strike a blow against a profiteering music industry, with 3 stages and 100 + acts, scooping that year’s best small festival award.[2]

2009 had 4 stages, and over 140 acts it presented music, art, culture and good vibes.

2010 was an overwhelming success on many levels, crowning previous years by receiving much critical acclaim from media, industry and the public alike.[citation needed] This year also saw Dimestore Recordings and Jack of Diamonds Productions host a stage with the best of their acts from their weekly events.

In 2011 KnockanStockan celebrated its 5th Birthday in style. Saucy Sunday’s came on board to host their best acts on the Sunday in the Circus Tent. The introduction of our new Fairy Field, family camping, and campervan areas, gave people a taste of things to come, and set the tone for the years ahead.

Planning for KnockanStockan 2012 is well underway, and in the face of recession and social unrest, shrinking venues, and cash strapped music lovers, KnockanStockan will return and is looking forward to its best year yet.[3]

Since 2010 KnockanStockan produced a series of compilation cds. The first in the series featured music from Enemies,The Hot Sprockets and spook of the thirteenth lock. The cd was on sale for 9.99 euro from the online 'knockanshop' along with various other merchandise and memorabilia.

On April 7, 2011 local Dublin and Bray bands from the festival line up took to the streets of Dublin to promote the festival with a 'Busk Mob' singing classic rock hits grabbing the attention of passers by. Website below shows a video of the event.

'Overheard at KnockanStockan': is a Facebook page created by a KnockanStockan lover who added a large number of KnockanStockan attendees to the page. The attendees posted funny comments they heard throughout their adventures of KnockanStockan. The site attracted many comments. Website below will take you to ‘overheard at KnockanStockan'

A Facebook page dedicated to people who wish to display their art work at KnockanStockan.

Irish Festival Awards[edit]

In 2012, KnockanStockan was nominated for six Irish Festival Awards. Including;

• Best Small Festival

• Best Line Up

• Social Responsibility Award[4]

KnockanStockan 2012[edit]

  • Applications to play this year's KnockanStockan are currently being accepted.

As well as performers, the festival also accepts applications in a wide range of areas such as;

• Alternative Therapies: Holistic massage Deep tissue/sports massage Indian head massage On-site massage Reflexology Aromatherapy Reiki Hopi ear candeling Thai yoga massage Tuina (Chinese acupressure)

• Creative Concepts: Gardens Graffiti Installation Art Land Art Natural Dwellings New venue ideas Performance Art Recycled Art Theatrical Performance Theme Camps Themed areas Visual Artists

• Workshops Children’s Workshops Creative Workshops Green/Sustainable Workshops Holistic Workshops

• Volunteers Production Build & Break Stewarding Childcare Worker Driver Art Team Kitchen

• Trader applications are also open.

All applications can be made online through the website.

KnockanStockan 2014[edit]

Knockanstockan 2014[5] is being held from July 25th-26th, 2014

Lineup 2014

The 2014 Lineup includes:

  • Ailbhe Reddy
  • Ain’t Saint John
  • Arrow In The Sky
  • Bagels
  • Betty Swing Machine
  • Bob Glynn
  • Booka Brass Band
  • Chase Nova
  • Christian Collins
  • Cocaine Ponytail
  • Cold Comfort
  • Come On Live Long
  • Conor Linnie
  • Corroboree
  • Crow Black Chicken
  • Cult Called Man
  • Elastic Sleep
  • Enemies
  • Fox Jaw
  • Franko Franko
  • Hector Bizerk
  • Hot Colossus
  • I Draw Slow
  • In Their Thousands
  • John Cummins Poetician
  • Kicking Bird
  • Land Lovers
  • Land Of The Giants
  • Laura Ann Brady
  • Leading Armies
  • Liza Flume
  • Lowlek
  • Meltybrains?
  • Million Little Gods
  • Mongoose
  • Mutefish
  • New Secret Weapon
  • O Emperor
  • Otherkin
  • Overhead, The Albatross
  • Phazam Haze
  • Punch Face Champions
  • Ross Breen
  • Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  • Sarah Red
  • Tandem Felix
  • The Altered Hours
  • The Barley Mob
  • The Boneyards
  • The Eskies
  • The Hot Sprockets
  • The Magpies
  • The Revellions
  • The Shaker Hymn
  • The Yips
  • Tucan
  • Vernon Jane
  • White Chalk
  • WOB!
  • Wood Burning Savages
  • Wyvern Lingo
  • Zaska

More information is available through the website.


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