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Knot DNS
Knot DNS logo.png
Developer(s) CZ.NIC
Stable release 1.6.3 / April 8, 2015; 25 days ago (2015-04-08)
Operating system Unix-like
Type DNS server
License GPL license

Knot DNS is an open-source server program for the Domain Name System. It was developed by CZ.NIC, the .CZ domain registry, from scratch as an authoritative name server. The goal was to add one more open-source implementation suitable for TLD operators to increase overall security, stability and resiliency of Domain Name System.

Knot DNS uses BIND-style zone file and simple C-like configuration files (curly braces and semicolons). It is implemented as threaded daemon which uses number of programming techniques to make it very fast. Notably Read-copy-update.

Knot DNS uses a zone parser written in Ragel to achieve very fast loading of the zones at the startup. It is also able to add and remove zones on the fly by changing the configuration file and reloading the server using 'knotc' utility.

New in 1.2.0: Response Rate Limiting, Dynamic DNS and new remote control utility.

New in 1.3.0: new zone parser in Ragel (replaces zone compilation) and client utilities (kdig, khost and knsupdate).

New in 1.4.0: automatic DNSSEC signing of the managed zones.

New in 1.5.0: query modules with two new modules: "Automatic forward/reverse records" and dnstap.

New in 1.6.0: persistent timers for slave zones (expire, refresh, and flush) using LMDB.

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