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The Know Before You Go campaign is an ongoing initiative from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) with over 300 travel industry partners to help Britons stay safe and healthy abroad. The campaign was launched in 2001 to promote several key messages and uses many methods of reaching the British public, including travel advice, mini campaigns, public advertisement, and publications.

The Know Before You Go Campaign on the road

'Know Before You Go' Key Messages[edit]

The campaign has several key messages, all of which aim to address the problems that British nationals often face abroad. The principal messages are:

A Know Before You Go leaflet containing key messages
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance and read the small print
  • Check the FCO's relevant country travel advice
  • Research your destination - know the local laws and customs
  • Check health requirements on the NHS travel health information page as soon as possible before travel, and if necessary visit your GP
  • Make sure that passports are valid with all necessary visas
  • Make copies of important documents and/or store them online using a secure data storage site
  • Tell someone where you are going and leave emergency contact details with them
  • Take enough money and have access to emergency funds

'Know Before You Go' Target Groups[edit]

Research has shown that particular groups of travellers experience unique problems. In order to tackle the varying problems associated with different groups, the Know Before You Go Campaign uses mini-campaigns to reach these groups with our advice:

  • Independent travellers
  • Single sex groups - eg hen and stag parties
  • Package holiday makers
  • Gap Year travellers
  • Sports travellers
  • People visiting friends and family
  • Elderly and retired travellers

For example, younger travellers are the least prepared group of UK travellers. As a result there is a section on the FCO website which provides information for this group specifically. The FCO also works with specialist travel companies and universities to get the message to them.

'Know Before You Go' Mini Campaigns[edit]

The campaign also uses specific mini-campaigns in order to effectively address the problems experienced by certain groups of travellers. Recent KBYG mini-campaigns include:

The Know Before You Go campaign at the London Mela

'Know Before You Go' Publications[edit]

In order to support the work that the mini-campaigns carry out, several publications have been produced to inform British nationals of the situations that could arise while abroad, and what the Foreign and Commonwealth Office can do for them if problems arise. These publications include:

A Know Before You Go publication at the Africa Oye

All KBYG publications can be ordered on the FCO travel advice publications page.


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