Knut Nærum

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Knut Nærum.

Knut Nærum (born 3 March 1961), is a Norwegian comedian, author, comics writer and TV-entertainer. He is best known for being one of the permanent panelists in the Norwegian show Nytt på nytt (Direct translate: News Anew). He grew up in Halden. Currently he lives in Oslo, and he is married and has two children.

Nærum has written several books, including Å (2000), Norsk litteraturhistorie, fritt etter hukommelsen (2001), Døde menn går på ski (2002), Krig! (2003), En himmel full av stjerner (2004), Madonna-gåten (2005, with Elisabeth Botterli and Peder Udnæs), Monster (2007), De dødes båt (2008) and Sitt ned og hold kjeft (2010). He is also the creator of the satirical comic strip Bloid.

He is a member of the leftist political party Rødt (Direct translate: Red), and stood for election as a minor candidate for its predecessor Red Electoral Alliance.[1]


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