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Koçi Xoxe (pronounced [ˈkɔtʃi ˈdzɔdzɛ]; May 1, 1911 – June 11, 1949) was the Defence and Interior Minister of Albania for some time under Enver Hoxha.


Xoxe was born in 1917 in Negovan, Greece.[1] According to different sources, Xoxe was an ethnic Macedonian[2][3] or ethnic Bulgarian[4] from Aegean Macedonia and was initially a tinsmith.[a]

Around 1937 he emerged among others, such as Enver Hoxha and Koco Tashko as prominent leaders of Albanian communism. He was a rival of Hoxha, and the Yugoslavs supported him.

He was purged for "pro-Yugoslav activities" after Josip Broz Tito broke relations with Hoxha's ally, Joseph Stalin. After a secret trial in May 1949, Xoxe was executed. He allegedly admitted that he was working for the British intelligence and that he was a conspirator with Tito. Xoxe was executed by a firing squad in June 1949.[5]


a.   ^ Bulgarian speaking Slavic population in Albania is partly acclaimed as Bulgarian, and partly as Macedonian, though the latest tendency is to shift towards the "Macedonian" identity.[6]


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