Ko e fasi 'o e tu'i 'o e 'Otu Tonga

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Ko e fasi ʻo e tuʻi ʻo e ʻOtu Tonga
English: The Song of the King of the Tongan Islands
Coat of arms of Tonga.svg

National anthem of  Tonga
Also known as Fasi fakafonua
English: National Song
Lyrics Uelingatoni Ngū Tupoumalohi
Music Karl Gustavus Schmitt
Adopted 1874
Music sample

"Ko e fasi ʻo e tuʻi ʻo e ʻOtu Tonga" is the national anthem of Tonga. The title literally means "song of the king of the Tonga Islands" in the Tongan language but is in daily life better known as fasi fakafonua, which translates to "national song". The lyrics of the anthem were written by Prince Uelingatoni Ngū Tupoumalohi, with the music by Karl Gustavus Schmitt. It was first used in 1874.

Tongan lyrics (modern spelling)[edit]

ʻE ʻotua māfimafi
ko homau ʻeiki koe
ko koe ko e falalaʻanga
mo e ʻofa ki Tonga.
ʻAfio hifo ʻemau lotu
ʻaia ʻoku mau faí ni
mo ke tali homau loto
ʻo maluʻi ʻa Tupou.

English lyrics (literal translation)[edit]

Oh, almighty God!
You are our Lord,
It is You, the pillar
And the love to Tonga.
Look down on our prayer
That is what we do now
And may You answer our wish
To protect Tupou.

English Lyrics[edit]

Oh almighty God above
Thou art our lord and sure defense
As your people, we trust thee
And our Tonga thou dost love
Hear our prayer for thou unseen
We know that thou hath blessed our land
Grant our earnest supplication
God save Tupou, our king.


Speaker Icon.svg media:Fasi fakafonua.mid (midi with karaoke)

Tongan music notation[edit]

The music written down in the tuʻungafasi or Tongan music notation:

Fasi fakafonua.gif
Fasi fakafonua (notes).gif

Tongan music of the Tongan anthem


Law of Tonga: http://legislation.to/Tonga/DATA/PRIN/1988-060/NationalAnthemofTongaAct.pdf

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