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Kobe Animal Kingdom
Greenhouse interior
Date opened March 2006
Location Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates 34°39′15″N 135°13′23″E / 34.65417°N 135.22306°E / 34.65417; 135.22306Coordinates: 34°39′15″N 135°13′23″E / 34.65417°N 135.22306°E / 34.65417; 135.22306
Website www.kobe-oukoku.com/contents/english.html

Kobe Animal Kingdom (神戸どうぶつ王国 Kōbe Dōbutsu Ōkoku?) is a bird and flower park located on Port Island in Kobe, Japan. It is mainly located in and around a greenhouse. It was called Kobe Kachoen (神戸花鳥園 Kōbe Kachōen?) until 18 July 2014. It is one of several theme parks created by Japanese botanist and collector Kamo Mototeru, and was opened on 15 March 2006.[1] This all-weather park is based on the concept of contact with birds and flowers. In the park, visitors are able to touch and feed birds.

On 20 November 2013, Kobe Kachoen went bankrupt.[2] The management rights were acquired from Kobe Kachoen by the company Kobe Animal Kingdom in March 2014,[3] and on 19 July 2014, the park was renamed Kobe Animal Kingdom.[4]

Toucan being fed

Species of birds and flowers at the park include:


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