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Kodaikanal Golf Club
Kodaikanal Golf Club logo.jpg
Club logo
Club information
Location Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, South India
10°12′49″N 77°28′15″E / 10.21361°N 77.47083°E / 10.21361; 77.47083
Established June 17, 1895
Owned by Kodaikanal Golf Club
Operated by Kodaikanal Golf Club
Total holes 18
Tournaments hosted Palani Hill Open, Veday Cup, Rudrappan Memorial Cup, Contessa Open,TAKE Solutions World Corporate Golf Challenge and A.V. Thomas Tournament
Website Kodaikanal Golf Club
Par 71
Length 6,426 yards (5,876 m)
Course rating 72

Kodaikanal Golf Club is a private membership club with an 18 hole, par 71 Golf course. It is located about 6 kilometres (4 mi) southwest from the center of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, South India at an elevation of 2,220 metres (7,280 ft). [1] The club is on Golf links Road near the popular view point 'Suicide Point' (Green Valley View) and 3 kilometres (2 mi) before the 'Pillar Rocks' viewpoint and flower garden.

This club is notable for its age and the wildlife frequently seen on the course. The club logo is two crossed golf clubs behind an indian tiger on a round yellow field, framed with "Kodaikanal Golf Club * Play the Game" imprinted in white on a dark green border.[2]


The club was established on June 17, 1895[3] by twelve British golfers. They were also the architects of the course. In the early years, members were British and American civil servants and missionaries. During the fifties it became a club tradition for the annual Captaincy to rotate between an Indian, an American and a Commonwealth citizen. This tradition continued until the late 70's, when the local expatriate population diminished.[1] Originally there were only 9 holes and the putting surfaces were browns. In the early fifties the course was extended to 18 holes. In 1986 the putting surfaces were relaid with greens.[4] The clubhouse, named the Centenary Building, was built in 1995.[5]


Groomed green at KGC

The Kodaikanal Golf club is a private membership club with over 600 members.[1] The club has a range of facilities available for the recreation, entertainment and comfort of its guests. The main facility is the 18 hole golf course described below. There is a practice net for driving practice and a designated putting practice area.

Inside the clubhouse, for group activities there is a 12 seat conference room, a card games room, a billiards Room, a members lounge with fireplace, a BYOB bar and a dining hall. For members visiting from a distance, there is lodging available, including 2 super deluxe rooms, 2 deluxe rooms and 2 standard rooms.[5][6]

Golf Course[edit]

Non-members are allowed to play the full 18 holes by becoming temporary members or by paying the required green fees. Non-members must have a handicap or take lessons before they play here.[4] The course is closed April 15 to June 15.[3]

This 18 hole, par 71 course covers about 150 acres (61 ha). Total length of the course is 6,426 yards (5,876 m) Some holes have interesting alternative names, depending on the challenges they offer to golfers. The 4th hole is also called the Devil's Dip, as the fairway from the tee-box to the green is a solid dip, which runs on as far as the eye can see. The 6th hole is named Tiger Hole because Tigers used to be sighted near it. The 12th hole is called the Cardiac Hole, due to the strenuousness of the walk. A "hard hitters" course, the 13th Twister green is not visible from the tee box. The 15th hole (New Long'un) which has the longest yardage of 587 yards (537 m), needs two long shots to sight the green.[2]

Saddle-10th hole, 304/244 yards,
par 4, ST Index 8
Sentinel, 12th hole, 256/226 Yards,
Par 4, ST Index 12
Hole Name Gents Ladies Par
yards metres yards metres
1 Old Long'un 7002350000000000000350 7002350000000000000320 7002292000000000000292 7002292000000000000267 4
2 Plateau 7002218000000000000218 7002218000000000000199 7002203000000000000203 7002203000000000000186 3
3 Hoping 7002231000000000000231 7002231000000000000211 7002184000000000000184 7002184000000000000168 3
4 Devil's Pit 7002383000000000000383 7002383000000000000350 7002333000000000000333 7002333000000000000304 4
5 Pulpit 7002322000000000000322 7002322000000000000294 7002260000000000000260 7002260000000000000240 4
6 Tiger 7002441000000000000441 7002441000000000000403 7002372000000000000372 7002372000000000000340 4
7 Hill Side 7002489000000000000489 7002489000000000000447 7002462000000000000462 7002462000000000000422 5
8 Punch Bowl 7002167000000000000167 7002167000000000000153 7002161000000000000161 7002161000000000000147 3
9 Pimples 7002496000000000000496 7002496000000000000454 7002458000000000000458 7002458000000000000419 5
10 Saddle 7002304000000000000304 7002304000000000000278 7002244000000000000244 7002244000000000000223 4
11 Overhill 7002162000000000000162 7002162000000000000148 7002145000000000000145 7002145000000000000133 3
12 Sentinel 7002256000000000000256 7002256000000000000234 7002226000000000000226 7002226000000000000207 4
13 Twister 7002344000000000000344 7002344000000000000315 7002302000000000000302 7002302000000000000276 4
14 Majestic 7002175000000000000175 7002175000000000000160 7002171000000000000171 7002171000000000000156 3
15 New Long'un 7002561000000000000561 7002561000000000000513 7002516000000000000516 7002516000000000000472 5
16 Roadside 7002524000000000000524 7002524000000000000479 7002388000000000000388 7002388000000000000355 5
17 Sure Shot 7002160000000000000160 7002160000000000000150 7002143000000000000143 7002143000000000000131 3
18 Home 7002526000000000000526 7002526000000000000481 7002437000000000000437 7002437000000000000400 5
[7] Total: 70036109000000000006,109 70036109000000000005,586 70035297000000000005,297 70035297000000000004,844 71

It takes about 3 hours to play the entire course.[2]


In 2008 fifty-six tournaments were conducted daily between mid-April and early June.[8] Palani Hill Open, Veday Cup, Rudrappan Memorial Cup, Contessa Open and A V Thomas Tournament (introduced recently), are some of the major tournaments.[2] The 2008 Addicts Golfing Society of Southern India 3 day Kodaikanal meet had 108 entries and 5 competitions.[9] The first regional round of the 'TAKE Solutions World Corporate Golf Challenge' was played in Kodaikanal on December 29, 2010.[10]


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