Kodak DC3200

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Kodak DC3200
Kodak DC3200.jpg
Sensor CCD
Maximum resolution 1152 x 864, 576 x 432
Lens Fixed 39 mm (35 mm equiv.) F3.6
Flash Internal, 1.4m - 2.4m range; Auto, Fill-In, Off
Shutter 1/4 s - 1/500 s
Viewfinder Optical
Custom WB Auto + 3 presets
Rear LCD monitor 1.6" TFT
Storage CompactFlash I / 2 MB internal
Battery Four AA battery
Dimensions 113 x 81 x 53 mm, 4.45 x 3.1 x 2.1 inch
Weight 215 g / 7.6 onces (exc. battery)

The Kodak DC3200 is a model of digital camera produced by the Eastman Kodak Company in 2000-2002. The camera was connected via a serial cable in order to download pictures. Kodak ceased supporting the model a couple of years later. A PDF file of the manual is available on their site. Although Kodak no longer offer a free download of the necessary software, this might be available elsewhere on the Internet.

Image Storage[edit]

The camera has 2 MB of internal memory. Memory capacity can be expanded with a CompactFlash card.


A common problem with the DC3200 was that the auto flash was too powerful. Pictures that were taken indoors would often be overexposed.

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