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For denial of the Jewish faith, see Heresy in Orthodox Judaism.

Kofer (כפר - the root K-F-R) is a Hebrew word, with several meanings:

  • Kofer-nefesh (Hebrew: כפר נפש‎)."The price of a life", "a ransom", compared to Teutonic Weregild.[citation needed]
  • The poll tax of a half shekel to be paid by every male above twenty years at the census, as described in Exodus 30:11-16.
  • The spelling "כופר" (with the stress on the e, which stands for צירה which is a long vowel) can mean an unbeliever, similar to the Arabic kafir.
  • The main meaning of the root כפר is "atone".[citation needed] For example, in יום כפור (Yom Kippur), the Day of Atonement.

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