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Koh Rong Samloem (Khmer: កោះរុងសន្លឹម, also Kaoh Rong Samloem) is an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 4 kilometers south of Koh Rong island. It includes a large heart-shaped bay called Saracen Bay (named after a British ship that once sailed there)[1] with shellfish cultivation and beaches on the north coast towards Koh Rong.

At the top of the island is the home of a small fishing village called M'Pay Bay, or 23 in Khmer. Also Koh Rong Samloem is home to the privately owned business Marine Conservation Cambodia, which works with the local villagers in order to protect the unique marine life around the island.

It can be reached by boat from Sihanoukville in about 2 hours by slow boat or 30 minutes by the speed ferry. It harbors a small fishing village, three major beaches and several minor beaches almost entirely uninhabited, including some very nice, sheltered beaches on the north side near Koh Kon.

Currently only a few tour operators on the beach in Sihanoukville offer snorkeling trips to the island. "EcoSea Dive" and "Island Divers" offers diving excursions and overnight trips to their respective bungalows on the northern part of the island. Other tourist resorts and bungalow-settlements on the island include "M'Pay Bay" bungalows and "Lazy Beach," (the latter which is located on the western side of the island) and newly opened on the Saracen Bay's beach "Secret Paradise Resort" known for its deluxe bungalows.


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