Kolata e Mirë

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Kolata e Mirë (Albanian: Kolata e Mirë; Montenegrin: Dobra Kolata) is a mountain in the Kolata massif located in Albania and Montenegro. Kolata e Mirë is a part of the Prokletije and stands at 2,528 m (8,294 ft) high. It and Zla Kolata which is 2,534 m (8,314 ft) high are the two peaks of the Kolata massif located on the border with Albania. The highest peak is placed completely on Albanian soil and called Maja e Kollatës, it rises 2,552 m (8,373 ft). Kolata e Mirë is the second highest peak in Montenegro after its neighbour Zla Kolata. The peak can be viewed beautifully from the deep valleys on the Albanian side, for example during your approach from Cerem.


Coordinates: 42°29′56″N 19°54′00″E / 42.4989°N 19.9°E / 42.4989; 19.9