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For the song by Ruslana, see Kolomyjka (song). For the Polish village, see Kołomyjka.
Kolomyjka by Teodor Axentowicz

The kolomyjka (Ukrainian: кoлoмийкa, Polish: kołomyjka; also referred to as kolomeyka or kolomeike) is a Hutsul music genre that combines a fast pace folk dance and goofy-rhymed verses.

It originated in the eastern Galician town of Kolomyia (Hutsulshchyna). It was historically popular among the Poles and Ukrainians, and is also known in northeastern Slovenia (as the kalamajka).[1]

Kolomyjkas are still danced in Ukraine, as a tradition on certain holidays, during festivities, or simply for fun. In Ukraine's rural west, they are popular dances for weddings.

In North America, the kolomyjka is primarily a social dance. Participants form a circle, joining hands. The dance begins with the participants turning the circle, usually counter clockwise, then clockwise. Further into the dance, soloists will perform in the centre of the circle.


  • Ruslana, Kolomyjka-motives through pop-genre

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