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A screenshot of the official music video
song by Marika Gombitová from the album Ateliér duše
Released 1987 (1987)
Genre Pop music
Length 05:33
Label OPUS
Language Slovak
  • Peter Smolinský
Music sample
Music video
"Koloseum" on YouTube

Koloseum (English: Coliseum) is a song by Marika Gombitová released on OPUS in 1987.[1]

The composition, written by the singer herself with lyrics by Kamil Peteraj, is considered as one of her most recognized works, earning several awards and nominations in addition. The POPulár award for the 2nd Best Video (1987)[2] and the annual Zlatý Triangel award as Best Video (1988).[3]

Its music video (directed by Ladislav Kaboš) featured on the VHS compilation Ateliér duše, released in 1987 on Videofilm SFT Koliba.[4]

Official versions[edit]

  1. "Koloseum" - Studio version, 1987

Credits and personnel[edit]

  • Marika Gombitová - lead vocal, writer
  • Vašo Patejdl - piano, keyboards, LinnDrum computer, chorus
  • Kamil Peteraj - lyrics
  • Juraj Burian - electric and acoustic guitar
  • Andrej Šeban - electric guitar
  • Michal Důžek - chorus
  • Peter Penthor - chorus
  • Štefan Danko - responsible editor
  • Peter Smolinský - producer
  • Juraj Filo - sound director
  • Jozef Krajčovič - sound director
  • Ivan Minárik - technical coordination



POPulár was a Slovak music magazine that mapped the domestic and international music scene, maintaining also POP awards. The magazine was published monthly since 1970, until its termination in 1992 (Note: In July 2008, the magazine was restored by Nový Populár, issued twice a month).[5] Gombitová won four times as the Best Female Singer (1983, 1986, 1987-8), and once she received the Best Album award (1987).[2]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1987 Koloseum Best Song Runner-up


Zlatý Triangel (English: Golden Triangle) was an annual video chart also broadcast by the public television network Slovenská televízia from 1984 to 1997. The show, originally hosted by Tatiana Kulíšková and Pavol Juráň, and since November 1989 by Daniel Junas, awarded exclusively Slovak and Czech artists for the best videos released in a calendar year, similarly as the MTV music channel. Prior to that, its monthly editions called Triangel were held.[6] Gombitová won four annual charts in total (in 1985-86, 1988 and 1995).[3]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1988 "Koloseum" Best Video Won

Hit storočia[edit]

The Hit storočia (English: Hit of the Century) was a national TV competition organized by Slovenská televízia. Within its three-month run (set of on April 20, 2007), the viewers voted live the most popular Slovak songs from the 30s to 90's of the last century. Overall, nine songs were picked to compete in the Finale evening (July 6, 2007). Gombitová entered the show with three songs, winning with a song written by Janko Lehotský and Kamil Peteraj, "Vyznanie" from 1979.[7]

Year Nominated work Category Result
2007 Koloseum Hit of the Century Nominated

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