Kolsh, Kukës

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Kolsh is located in Albania
Coordinates: 42°5′N 20°21′E / 42.083°N 20.350°E / 42.083; 20.350Coordinates: 42°5′N 20°21′E / 42.083°N 20.350°E / 42.083; 20.350
Country  Albania
Country Kukës County
District Kukës District
 • Type Municipality
 • Mayor Abedin Oruçi
 • Total 2,340
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal Code 8511 [1]
Car Plates KU

Kolsh Municipality (Albanian: Komuna Kolsh) is one of the fourteen rural municipalities of Kukës District.[2] The municipality consists of the following villages:

  • Kolsh (193 families and a population of 856)
  • Mamëz (170 families and a population of 790)
  • Myç-Mamëz (118 families and a population of 694)


The municipality borders Fierza Lake to the East and to the North, Malzi Municipality to the west and Surroj Municipality to the south . This municipality has 481 families and a total population of 2,340 inhabitants. The Kolsh area is made by different tribe like: Kurpalaj, Lleshi, Gjocera, Toda, Visha, Cika, Doci, Paci ! This zone is rich with water sources , mountains, fields, and resources of mineral materials, like chrome, iron or nickel! Agriculture is one the most important work to live ! The other benefits come from emigrants in EU.


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