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Linja/Trageti Fierzë-Koman; Koman-Fierzë
Lake Komani passenger bus-boat
Locale Fierze, Albania; Koman, Albania
Waterway Koman Reservoir
Transit type Passenger ferry
No. of lines 2
No. of vessels 2
No. of terminals 2

Koman-Fierzë and Fierzë-Koman Ferry, also known as Lake Koman Ferry is a passenger ferry service operated by two local companies along the Koman Reservoir (also known as Koman Lake) in Northern Albania. The line operates between Koman near the Koman Hydroelectric Power Station and Fierzë near the Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station and viceversa. As of June 2012, the car ferry is no longer running. The new highway connecting the coast with Kukes and Kosovo has made it redundant. As a result, a small, boat converted bus operates on the same route, together with another small boat. The line is known for its breath taking views of the mountain gorges, unscheduled stops along the way for serving locals, and the peculiar atmosphere of both locals, foreigners, and even animals being fitted on board up to full capacity.

Lake Komani
Car ferry


As of June 2012, the car ferry has stopped running. Instead, the small bus-boat and the foot boat are running.

The ferry departs everyday from Fierza usually at 06:00 in the morning and arrives in Komani at 08:50. At 9:00 it departs from Komani and arrives in Fierza at noon (12:00). The ferry may depart or arrive half an hour earlier than suggested as the above schedule is not fixed.


Furgons (minibuses) serve the area and are usually located at the ferry docking stations. Furgons depart from Shkoder at about 07:00 in the morning near Hotel Rozafa.

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