Komancza Republic

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Komancza Republic



Capital Komańcza
Languages Ukrainian[citation needed]
Government Republic
President Pantelejmon Shpylka
Historical era World War I
 -  Established 4 November 1918
 -  Disestablished 23 January 1919
Today part of  Poland

The Komancza Republic was an association of thirty Lemko villages, based around Komańcza in eastern Lemkivshchyna, that existed between 4 November 1918 and 23 January 1919. Its head of state was President of the Council Pantelejmon Shpylka. It was pro-Ukrainian and planned to unite with the West Ukrainian People's Republic, but was suppressed by the Polish government as part of the Polish–Ukrainian War.

The Treaty of Saint-Germain made Galicia west of the San Polish.[1]

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