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Cover of the first edition
Author Lois McMaster Bujold
Country United States
Language English
Series Vorkosigan Saga
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Baen Books
Publication date
ISBN 978-0671017835
Preceded by Memory
Followed by A Civil Campaign

Komarr is a 1998 science fiction novel by Lois McMaster Bujold.[1] It is a part of the Vorkosigan Saga, and is the twelfth full-length novel in publication order. It was included in the 2008 omnibus Miles in Love.


In his new role as Imperial Auditor, Miles Vorkosigan finds himself on Komarr, a planet with which his family has a long and bloody association. He is there to perform top-secret investigations related to the ongoing effort to terraform the planet, and when a solar power satellite vital to the process is damaged in a collision with an ore freighter he must discover if it was an accident or sabotage. In doing so, Miles uncovers a far greater and more dangerous conspiracy, one which threatens the entire Barrayaran Empire, as well as falling in love with the wife of a government official. In a departure from the style of the previous Vorkosigan books, much of Komarr is narrated from the point of view of Ekaterin Vorsoisson, Miles's love interest.


Komarr has had a positive reception from reviewers. Writing for Tor.com, Jo Walton stated that "The plot of Komarr is one of the best and tightest in the series...it’s a perfect mystery, with all the clues in plain sight for a re-read but cleverly misdirected. It also has plausible villains who think of themselves as heroes",[2] and Nicki Gerlach stated in her review for The SF Site that "if this book is any indication of what's to come, it's a chapter in which I'll be very interested indeed."[3]


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