Komm zurück/Die Banane

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"Unplugged - Komm zurück/Die Banane"
Single by Die Ärzte
from the album Unplugged - Rock'n'Roll Realschule
Released November 25, 2002
Genre Punk rock, acoustic rock
Length 3:29/4:59
Label Hot Action Records
Writer(s) Track 1: Farin Urlaub
Track 2: Dirk Felsenheimer
Rodrigo Gonzàlez
Producer(s) Uwe Hoffmann & Die Ärzte
Die Ärzte singles chronology
"Unplugged - Komm zurück/Die Banane"

"Komm zurück" [Come back] and "Die Banane" [The banana] are both songs by the German punk band Die Ärzte. "Komm zurück" is the eleventh and "Die Banane" the seventeenth track on their 2002 album Unplugged - Rock'n'Roll Realschule. "Komm zurück/Die Banane" is the only single (a double single) from that album. "Komm zurück" was initially on "Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit..." and "Die Banane" on "Planet Punk". "Komm zurück" was performed live for the first time ever for this record.[1]

"Komm zurück" is about missing someone. "Die Banane" is about how women eating bananas remind men of fellatio.


The videos for both songs feature footage from the concert.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Komm zurück" (Urlaub/Urlaub) - 3:29
  2. "Die Banane" (Felsenheimer, Gonzalez/Felsenheimer) - 4:59
  3. "Ist das alles?" (Felsenheimer/Felsenheimer) - 4:12
  4. "Sommer, Palmen, Sonnenschein" (Urlaub/Urlaub) - 2:42
  5. "3-Tage-Bart" (Urlaub/Felsenheimer, Urlaub) - 3:24


The B-sides are live unplugged recordings from the same concert as the A-sides not released on the album.[1]


Year Country Position
2002 Germany 34


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