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Kompania Piwowarska is a brewing company established in Poland in 1999 as a result of the merger of two SABMiller-owned Polish breweries, Lech Browary Wielkopolski S.A. in Poznań and Browary Tyskie Górny Śląsk SA. in Tychy. Browary Tyskie Górny Śląsk was founded in 1629.[1] The company also owns the Dojlidy Brewery in Białystok.

The three breweries have a total capacity of 15.1 million hectolitres.[2] SABMiller purchased a majority share in the Lech and Tyskie breweries in 1995.[3]

Major brands[edit]

Kompania Piwowarska currently controls 45% of the Polish beer market.[citation needed]


Lech Premium

The main Lech brands are Lech Premium a 5.2% abv pale lager, Lech Pils, a 5.5% pale lager and Lech Mocny a 6.2% strong lager. Lech controls 8% of the Polish beer market.[4] The Poznań brewary brews Dębowe Mocne (Oak Strong), which is 7%. Currently produced types are "Lech Premium", "Lech Pils" and "Lech Mocne" (i.e. Lech strong).


Tyskie is one of the best selling brands of beer in Poland, with around 18% of the Polish market.[5] Tyskie also has a world distribution. The main brands are Tyskie Gronie, a 5.6% pale lager, and Tyskie Książęce, a 5.7% pale lager.[6][7]


Main article: Dojlidy Brewery

The main Dojlidy Brewery brand is the 6% pale lager, Żubr (European bison).

Brands produced in Poland[edit]

Brands produced by Kompania Piwowarska
Brand of Beer Alcohol
Tyskie Gronie 5.6 pale lager
Tyskie Klasyczne 5.0 pale lager
Tyskie z tanka 5.5 pale lager
Lech Premium 5.2 pale lager
Lech Pils 5.5 pale lager
Lech Free 0.5 non-alcoholic beer
Lech Shandy 2.6 shandy-style beer
Żubr 6.0 pale lager
Żubr Ciemnozłoty 6.9 pale lager
Dębowe Mocne 7.0 strong lager
Wojak Jasny Pełny 5.0 pale lager
Wojak Mocny 7.0 strong lager
Wojak Super Mocny 9.0 extra strong lager
Książęce Złote Pszeniczne 4.9 Hefeweizen
Książęce Czerwony Lager 4.9 dunkel
Książęce Ciemne Łagodne 4.1 dark lager
Książęce Korzenne Aromatyczne 5.0 winter beer
Redd’s Apple 4.5 pale lager
Redd’s Red 4.5 fruit beer
Redd’s Sun 4.5 fruit beer
Redd’s Cranberry 4.5 fruit beer
Redd’s Grapefruit i Ananas 4.5 fruit beer
Gingers Beer Classic 4.1 fruit beer
Gingers Cinnamon 4.1 fruit beer
Gingers Lime 4.5 fruit beer
Grolsch 5.0 pale lager
Pilsner Urquell 4.5 pilsner
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1 pale lager
Miller Genuine Draft 4.7 pale lager


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