Konami Wai Wai World

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Konami Wai Wai World
Konami Wai Wai World
Cover art
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Composer(s) Shinya Sakamoto
Shigemasa Matsuo
Atsushi Fujio
Series Konami crossover
Platform(s) Family Computer
Mobile Phones
Release date(s) Family Computer:
  • JP January 14, 1988
Mobile Phones
  • JP April 5, 2006
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (simultaneous)
Distribution Cartridge

Konami Wai Wai World (コナミワイワイワールド?), "wai wai" being a Japanese onomatopoeia for a noisy, crowded area, is a 1988 Family Computer platform video game released only in Japan by Konami. The game itself stars various Konami created characters as well as Mikey (from The Goonies) and King Kong, who appeared in two Konami-produced, movie-based games.


The player starts the game as Konami Man and can switch between Konami Man and Konami Lady. If two players are gaming, then one will play as Konami Man and the other as Konami Lady. Both players are not able to switch characters until they rescue at least one character from one of the six levels. The player must play through six different selectable levels that take place in different Konami games and save that game's star character with a key who the player can then play as. Each character has different abilities to begin with as well as ones they can eventually gain. The player ventures through these first six levels in a sort on non-linear fashion with gameplay very similar to the original Castlevania games. After these stages are completed, the player plays through a scrolling space shooter stage and then a linear final stage.

The player will also regularly visit the lab of Dr. Cinnamon (from the TwinBee series), who will give the player the game's character profiles and refill energy when needed. Through his lab, the player can also talk to Saimon, Dr. Cinnamon's brother, who can resurrect any defeated characters at the cost of 100 bullets per character during the game.

Playable characters[edit]

  • Konami Man: The game's main protagonist who only made cameos in Konami games before this game.
  • Konami Lady: A female android created by Dr. Cinnamon to fight with Konami Man.
  • Simon Belmont III: The descendant of the Vampire Killer from the Castlevania series is found in the Castle level.
  • Getsu Fūma: He is from the Famicom game released only in Japan, Getsu Fūma Den. He is found in the Underworld (or Hell) level.
  • Moai: Numerous Moai are usually enemies in the Gradius series and playable character in Moai Kun ; he is found in the Easter Island Temple.
  • Vic Viper: The space ship from the Gradius series. You can only play this ship in the shooter stage.
  • TwinBee: From the TwinBee series. Like the Vic Viper, you can only play this ship in the shooter stage.

Other characters[edit]

  • Dr. Cinnamon: Scientist from the TwinBee series, helps the characters throughout the game.
  • Saimon: Dr. Cinnamon's brother who brings defeated characters back to life.
  • Pentarou: Penguin from Antarctic Adventure and the Parodius series, transports the player to one of the six main levels.
  • Hanako: Penguin from Penguin Adventure and the Parodius series, replacing Pentarou (mobile phone version).[1]


The music during gameplay depends on which character the player is currently playing as. Each character has their own music, which serves as their theme song. Besides Konami Man, Konami Girl and Moai, all the other characters use music from the Konami games they starred in. The different boss music in the game is also taken from Konami games in which the level is based.

Mobile Phone version[edit]

The mobile phone version of Wai Wai World replaces Mikey and King Kong with Upa (from Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa) and a giant Penta (protagonist from Antarctic Adventure, father of Pentarou), with their respective stages being a Candy stage and an Antarctic stage. These two characters from the original Famicom version had been omitted due to licensing issues.


  • Giant one eyed frog, found in the Castlevania stage.
  • Giant Kong robot, found in the King Kong stage.
  • Giant Shark, found in the Antarctic Adventure stage.
  • Skeleton dragon, found in the Getsu Fuma Den stage.
  • Giant Moai Head, found in the Easter Island stage.
  • A womans head, found in the over head shoot'em up stage
  • Giant alien head, found in the over head Shoot'em up stage.

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