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Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District guntur
Population (2010)
 • Total 5,400
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 522647
Telephone code 08646
Nearest city Vinukonda
Lok Sabha constituency Narasarao pet
Vidhan Sabha constituency Vinukonda
Climate hot (Köppen)

Kondramutla is a village in Ipur Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Part of the Vinukonda assembly constituency and the Narasarao Pet parliamentary constituency, it is located 85 kilometres (53 mi) southwest of Guntur and is on the state highway connecting Vinukonda, the nearest town, and Hyderabad.


The village panchayat includes two nearby hamlets, Satyanarayanapuram and Dushmanpet Thanda. Satyanarayanapuram was formed as a settlement in recent decades, populated by immigrants from the Guntur district. Dushmanpet Thanda is a settlement formed by people of the nomadic Lambadi tribe. These two hamlets are two kilometers from the village of Kondramutla, to the north and northwest, respectively. The number of voters in the panchayat was around 2,700 as of August 2006.

This village is basically an agrarian village and most of the residents are either farmers or marginal farmers. Kondramutla is considered to be one of the very few prosperous villages in the mandal in terms of education and entrepreneurship. On the political front, this village is considered to be very active and progressive. Sri Nalabolu Govindarajulu, born in this village was elected as the MLA of Vinukonda constituency in the 1950s. He won over Sri Pulupula Sivaiah, a stalwart of the then Communist Party of India and was considered as a giant-killer. Chekuri and Nalabolu are two prominent surnames in Kondramutla. Chekuri families excel in education. Most of Chekuri's young generation is working in the USA. Chekuri Street is called "Jubilee Hills of Kondramutla" by local people. After Sri Nalabolu Govindarajulu, Sri Nalabolu Venkata Swamy was the main and mass leader in this village. Most of the village development was held at the time of Nalabolu Venkata Swamy as the president of kondramutla, like panchayat building, emerging primary school to upper primary school even milk collection center also established by Sri Nalabolu Venkata Swamy. Chekuri Venkateswarlu(familiarly known as "CH") plays a key role in the politics of Kondtramutla. Nalabolu families are more inclined towards politics. Other surnames include Gorantla, Mundru, Kondramutla, Maram,Annapareddy and others.

The village has an upper-primary school and a single-teacher primary school in S.C colony run by the Mandal Parishad, a veterinary hospital and two milk-collection centers. At the center of the village there is a Panchayat office building and a big stage with the statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru which serves as a Dias for the villagers for gatherings. There are two paddy milling units at the outskirts of the village.


There are two temples built for Lord Rama, one at the pinnacle of the village and is popularly known as “Ramulavari Meda” and the other one is located in "Golla Bazaaru". There is a temple for Lord Shiva, which was in a dilapidated condition till recently. This temple is renovated now and regular puja is conducted by the devotees now. There is another ancient temple of Lord Venugopala in the paddy fields towards the south of the village. The village people believe that this temple was built during the time period of Vijayanagara Empire. There are also ruins of a temple of Lord Ganesha in these fields adjacent to the Venugopala Swamy temple.

There is a church located on the road to Vinukonda, named ‘Sacred Heart’ that belongs to Diocese of Guntur. The church is now run by Jesuit fathers. The site of the church was purchased in 1892, when it was under the district of Masulipatnam [Krishna]. This church was built in 1900 and is one of the oldest churches of Guntur district. There is also a welfare center established by the Society for Jesus Mary Joseph (JMJ) right across the church. There is also a mosque in the fields near Satyanarayanapuram.

There are nearly 6 or 7 tiffin centers on the mainroad. Mainly HANUMANTHURAO, SATYAM etc.

Since September 2006, the panchayat is being headed by Smt. Nalabolu Srimahalakshmi.