Konica Domirex

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The Konica Domirex was a prototype camera that was never put into production. It was a 35mm SLR, but used an unusual mirror arrangement to eliminate the need for the mirror to flip up out of the way prior to exposure. It's still an "SLR", although it looks more like a rangefinder or viewfinder camera, b. The reason is that a "single lens reflex" camera, by definition, uses a mirror to reflect light that's passed through the single lens into the viewfinder. The advantage of this is that the user sees exactly what the camera is "seeing". The Domirex uses a number of small mirrors to redirect the image to the viewfinder, rather than a single large mirror along with the bulging pentaprism typical of 35mm SLR cameras.

The Domirex was only produced as a prototype, and that apparently only with a fixed, 57mm lens. Presumably, if it had gone into regular production, lenses would have been interchangeable and others would have been offered.