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Konqi's redesign contest winner

Konqi Konqueror is the current mascot for the KDE community, a small cheerful green dragon.[1] He appears in KDE software, and on many websites, including the KDE homepage. The name "Konqi" was chosen after Konqueror, the KDE web- and file browser. His creator is Stefan Spatz. Konqi appears in 3.x versions of KDE. In KDE 2.x, the mascot was a wizard called Kandalf, but Konqi also appeared in KDE 2.x on the KDE crash dialog.[2] The design was changed after a competition, with the creator of the new Konqi being Tyson Tan.[3] The competition winner's Konqi became used officially with the early releases of Frameworks and Plasma 5.


Katie, Konqi's girlfriend

Konqi has a girlfriend named Katie.[4] Katie is also the mascot of the KDE women's project.[5] Konqi and Katie made their costumed appearance at the KDE 4.0 Release Event in Mountain View, California, USA and Camp KDE 2010.[6][7] Her appearance was changed at the same time as Konqi's.


Kandalf the wizard

Kandalf was the former mascot for the KDE community during its 2.x versions. He was subsequently replaced by Konqi, a green dragon, possibly due to copyright infringement issues related to Kandalf's similarity to the wizard Gandalf (from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings).[citation needed]


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