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Konstantin Konstantinovich Kuzminsky (16 April 1940 – 2 May 2015) ( Russian: Kонстантин Константинович Кузьминский; born April 16, 1940 in Saint Petersburg, then Leningrad) was a Russian performance poet who emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1978. He has published "The Blue Lagoon Anthology of Modern Russian Poetry". Other publications include a collection of Russian poetry “The Living Mirror”. Kuzminsky appears in several documentary films, among them two by Andrei Zagdansky: Vasya, a portrait of a close friend and Russian/Soviet nonconformist artist Vasily Sitnikov and Konstantin and Mouse a.k.a. "Kostya and Mouse", a double-portrait of Konstantin Kuzminsky and his wife Emma, nicknamed Mouse.

Kuzminsky and American performance poet Hedwig Gorski in Austin, Texas, 1979.

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