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The Hanseatic Warehouse in King's Lynn is the only surviving Hanseatic League building in England
The Oostershuis, headquarters of the Hanseatic League in Antwerp

A kontor was a foreign trading post of the Hanseatic League.[1]

In addition to the major kontore in London (Steelyard), Ipswich, Bruges, Bergen (Bryggen), and Novgorod (Peterhof), some ports had a representative merchant and a warehouse.

Of all the kontor buildings, only Bergen's kontor, known as Bryggen in Norway, has survived until the present day. The Hanseatic kontor at Bryggen was closed in 1754 and replaced by a "Norwegian kontor", run by Norwegian citizens, but still with a large element of German immigrants. Bergen's kontor is on the UNESCO list of the World Cultural Heritage sites.

The Hanseatic Warehouse in King's Lynn, England, survives - but it was converted into offices in 1971.

Panoramic view of Bryggen


  1. ^ The word kontor means office in Norwegian and other Scandinavian languages, while the word kantoor is in use in the Dutch language for office.