Koop Islands

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Koop Islands
Studio album by Koop
Released 2006
Genre Electronic, lounge music, jazz, downtempo
Label !K7
Producer Magnus Zingmark, Oscar Simonsson
Koop chronology
Waltz for Koop
Koop Islands
Coup de Grâce (Best of Koop 1997–2007)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Koop Islands is the third studio album by the Stockholm-based electronic music duo Koop. Compared to their last success Waltz for Koop, Koop Islands combines inspiration by 1930's swing with an exotic Caribbean touch. Collaborators include Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon), Ane Brun, Rob Gallagher,[2] and others.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Koop Island Blues" – 4:34
  2. "Come to Me" – 2:51
  3. "Forces....Darling" – 5:03
  4. "I See a Different You" – 3:16
  5. "Let's Elope" – 3:14
  6. "The Moonbounce" – 2:46
  7. "Beyond the Son" – 4:53
  8. "Whenever There Is You" – 4:01
  9. "Drum Rhythm A (Music for Ballet Exercises)" – 2:14

Some editions include a bonus track: "I See a Different You (Marcus Enochson Remix)"

In popular culture[edit]

  • "Koop Island Blues" can be heard in the 2009 video game, The Saboteur
  • "Koop Island Blues" was used in a routine by Mia Michaels for Evan Kasprzak and Randi Evans during the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance.
  • "Koop Island Blues" can be heard in the background of the 6th cinematic clip in the game World in Conflict.
  • "Koop Island Blues" can also be heard in the twenty-fifth episode of season two of 90210.
  • "Koop Island Blues" can also be heard in the fifth episode of season one of Breaking Bad.
  • "Koop Island Blues" can also be heard in the twelfth episode of the fifth season of The L Word.


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Recorded and Mixed By Mats "limpan" Lindfors

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