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Kopervik is the largest town on the island of Karmøy in the county of Rogaland, Norway and is the administrative centre of the municipality of Karmøy. The town of Kopervik has 8,192 inhabitants whilst the municipality as a whole has around 40 000 inhabitants. It is part of the traditional district of Haugaland. [1]


Kopervik and its nearest surrounding areas had 8,192 inhabitants in March 2010. It is the largest city, and the second largest urban area in the municipality of Karmøy. Kopervik is the administrative centre of the municipality's 40,000 inhabitants.


Kopervik was a municipality with city status from 1866 to 1965, when it merged with seven other municipalities to create the municipality of Karmøy. It is one of three cities in Karmøy. It is a transport hub for scheduled boats going north to Bergen and south to Stavanger. The main industries are aluminium smelting and fishing.

According to legend, King Sverre I of Norway ordered the construction of a wooden castle on the headland at the entrance to the harbour. A part of Kopervik is therefore called Treborg, literally meaning "wooden castle". There is however no evidence of its existence.

Kopervik was also home to Tormod Torfæus, appointed as the official Royal Norwegian historian to the Danish king.

Kopervik now contains many of Karmøy's centre points, for example the council house, the cinema and the main shopping street.

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Coordinates: 59°17′N 5°18′E / 59.283°N 5.300°E / 59.283; 5.300