Kopiko (confectionery)

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Kopiko confectionery sitting on individually wrapped confectioneries

Kopiko is brand of coffee confectioneries[1] originally produced in Indonesia by PT. Mayora Indah. T.bK.[2]

The product is manufactured using coffee beans, chocolate, caramel, cream and pop rice. Ingredients include sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, coffee extract, dairy cream, caramel color, lecithin, salt, natural and artificial color. The candy has a hard, smooth texture.

Kopiko Candy is available in over 45 countries.[3] On their European packaging, distributors are listed for Benelux, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

A second variety is kosher, supervised by the KF Federation of Synagogues in London, UK. The second variety is no longer kosher certified by the KF Kosher Federation, though there might be products on the market, with Cholov Yisroel.[citation needed] The product is now yearly certified kosher by the STAR-D (non Cholov Yisroel).