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Kopys (Russian: Копысь, Russian pronunciation: [ˈkopɨsʲ]) (Belarusian: Копысь, Belarusian pronunciation: [ˈkopɨsʲ]) is an urban-type settlement in the Orsha Raion, Vitebsk Region, Belarus. First references are dated by 1059.

It is the birthplace of the current leader of the country, Alexander Lukashenko.

The Kapust Hasidic dynasty originates in Kopys. By the end of the 18th century there was a Jewish typography in Kopys.

A castle stood in the town of Kopys.

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Coordinates: 54°19′28″N 30°17′30″E / 54.3244444544°N 30.2916666767°E / 54.3244444544; 30.2916666767