Korea Baseball Association

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Korea Baseball Association
Korea Baseball Association Logo.jpg
Logo of Korea Baseball Association (KBA)
Abbreviation KBA
Formation 1946
Type Sport governing body
Legal status Active
Purpose managing all of aspects except the professional
Headquarters Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea[1]
Region served
Baseball Federation of Asia,
International Baseball Federation
Official language
Kang Seung-Kyoo[2]
Website http://www.korea-baseball.com
Korea Baseball Association
Hangul 대한야구협회
Revised Romanization Daehan Yagu Hyeophoe
McCune–Reischauer Taehan Yagu Hyǒphoe

The Korea Baseball Association (KBA; Korean: 대한 야구 협회) is the governing body of baseball in South Korea. KBA was founded in 1946 as Joseon Baseball Association (Korean: 조선 야구 협회), and renamed as the current thing in 1954. KBA has been charged with the task of promoting and spreading organised baseball. It is one of two major baseball governing bodies, and the other is Korea Baseball Organization (Korean: 한국 야구 위원회; KBO). KBA is not confused with KBO, which has been governing professional leagues from 1982. Since Korea Professional Baseball began, KBA has governed the domestic amateur competitions and the national teams for the international competitions except World Baseball Classic (WBC), Asia Series for professional.[3][4] Besides, the Women's Baseball Association Korea (Korean: 한국 여자 야구 연맹; WBAK) is in charge of women's baseball in South Korea.[5][6]

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