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Korea Football Association
Association crest
Founded 1928
Headquarters KFA House, 46, Gyeonghuigung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
FIFA affiliation 1948
AFC affiliation 1954
EAFF affiliation 2002
President Chung Mong-Gyu
Website http://www.kfa.or.kr/
Korea Football Association
Hangul 대한축구협회
Hanja 大韓蹴球協會
Revised Romanization Daehan Chukgu Hyeophoe
McCune–Reischauer Taehan Ch'ukgu Hyǒphoe

The Korea Football Association (Korean: 대한축구협회 Daehan Chukgu Hyeophoe) is the governing body of football in South Korea. The first governing body of Korean football was the Joseon Football Association (Korean: 조선축구협회; Hanja: 朝鮮蹴球協會), founded on 19 September 1933.[1][2] Park Seung-Bin was the very first President of the KFA, charged with the task of promoting and spreading organised football in the Korea.[3] The budget for 2011 was 103,123,529,503.[4]


Korea has a long football-playing history.[5] In ancient times, there was a Korean ball game called chuk-guk very similar in form to contemporary football. However, Koreans first saw the present version of football in 1882 when British crew members played a game while their vessel was visiting the port of Incheon.[6]

In 1921, the first All Korea Football Tournament was held, and in 1928, The Korea Football Association was organized, which created a foundation to disseminate and develop the sport.[7]

The Korea Football Association was reinstated in 1948, following the establishment of the Republic of Korea. The KFA became a member of FIFA, the international football governing body that same year. It later joined the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) in 1954.[6]

On 3 December 2012, in relation to Park Jong-Woo, who displayed a political message at the 2012 Summer Olympics and suspended by FIFA for two international matches after he was considered to have breached the FIFA Disciplinary Code and the Regulations of the Olympic Football Tournaments, FIFA imposed a warning on the Korea Football Association and reminded it of its obligation to properly instruct its players on all the pertinent rules and applicable regulations before the start of any competition, in order to avoid such incident in the future. The KFA was also warned that should incidents of such nature occur again in the future, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee may impose harsher sanctions on the Korea Football Association.[8]

On 23 January, KFA elect the new chairman, Chung Mong-Gyu.[9]


List of KFA Presidents
Years Presidents
(No. of tenure)
1928–33 Shin Ki-Jun
1933–34 Park Seung-Bin (1)
1934–38 Lyuh Woon-Hyung (2)
1938–45 Ko Won-Hoon (3,4)
1945–48 Ha Kyung-Deok (5,6)
1948–49 Shin Ik-Hee (7)
1949 Hong Sung-Ha (8)
1949–50 Yun Bo-Seon (9)
1950–52 Hong Sung-Ha (10,11)
1952–54 Chang Taek-Sang (12)
1954–55 Lee Jong-Lim (13)
1955 Hyun Jung-Ju (14)
1955–57 Kim Myung-Hak (15,16)
1957–60 Kim Yoon-Ki (17,18)
1960 Jang Ki-Young (19)
1960–61 Jung Moon-Ki (20)
1961–62 Jang Ki-Young (21)
1962 Kim Yoon-Ki (22)
1962–63 Jang Ki-Young (23)
1963 Hwang Yeop (24)
1963–64 Kim Yoon-Ki (25)
1964 Min Kwan-Sik (26)
1964–70 Choi Chi-Hwan (27–30)
1970–73 Chang Deok-Jin (31,32)
1973–75 Ko Tae-Jin (33,34)
1975–78 Kim Yoon-Ha (35–37)
1978–79 Park Joon-Hong (38)
1979–87 Choi Soon-Young (39–43)
1987–88 Lee Jong-Hwan (44)
1988–93 Kim Woo-Jung (45–46)
1993–09 Chung Mong-Joon (47–50)
2009–13 Cho Chung-Yun (51)
2013– Chung Mong-Gyu (52)



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