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Korea International School (한국국제학교)
Korea International School Logo.png
Established February 27, 1999
Founder YBM
Students 997
Grades K-12
Location Seongnam, South Korea
Colors Blue, White
Mascot Phoenix
Newspaper Phoenix Plume, Phoenix Flyer'
Website Korea International School

Korea International School is a co-educational international preparatory school. It currently has three campuses located in located in Bundang-Pangyo [Seongnam city] (elementary, middle, and high school), Gaepo [southern Seoul] (kindergarten), and Jeju Island (elementary, middle school, and high school).


KIS is located in Bundang, a suburb south of Seoul consisting of 4 wings: the elementary, middle, high, and G building. The elementary school wing houses the 25-meter swimming pool, Main Gym, squash courts, and elementary school classrooms. The elementary library is also located on the first floor of the elementary school building. Adjoining the elementary wing is the outdoor soccer field. The school cafeteria connects the elementary school building to the middle school building. The middle school wing contains the music department, the middle school classrooms and the admissions office, located at the first floor. Between the middle and high school building is the Performing Arts Center, which hosts school drama productions, music performances, and ceremonies. The high school wing houses the computer labs, upper gymnasium, weight room, and high school classrooms. The secondary library connects the middle school to the high school building.

In 2009, the G building was opened on the Pangyo campus. This includes all the foreign language and some of the science classrooms, the "Phoenix Gym", and additional parking. Sky bridges from the high school wing to the middle school wing and from the middle school wing to the G building, were also constructed.


KIS has an American-based curriculum for grades K–12. To graduate, high school students must take courses in history, mathematics, literature, science, electives, and arts. In addition to this curriculum, KIS has a 1:1 Macbook program, in which all middle and high schools students have a Macbook, and in Grade 3-5 students participate in One to World, a 1:1 iPad program. Students work in collaborative spaces such as Google Drive and Schoology across the school. Students are also expected to know how to interact on such networks for discussions. English classes at the high school level develop blogging skills. In a broad range of subjects, students learn how to produce iMovies for media projects.


KIS (High School) is a member of KAIAC (Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference) Division I. The sports included are:

Fall: Cross-Country, Volleyball, Tennis.
Winter: Basketball, Cheerleading.
Spring: Soccer, Swimming

Prior to the year of 2007-2008, KIS was a Division II KAIAC school. But starting with the 2007-2008 year, KIS was promoted into a Division I KAIAC school.

Sports Championships (High School): Division I (Current) Fall 2008: Girls Tennis (D.I). Fall 2009

Division II

Season Sports team
Fall 2011 Boys Varsity/JV Volleyball
Fall 2011 Girls Varsity/JV Volleyball
Winter 2011 Boys Varsity/JV Basketball
Winter 2011 Girls Varsity/JV Basketball
Winter 2011 Varsity/JV Cheerleading
Spring 2011 Girls Varsity Soccer


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