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Korg CX-3 (1980)

The Korg CX-3 is a clonewheel organ which simulates the sound of an electromechanical Hammond B-3 organ. It "captured enough of the subtle nuances of the B-3 to develop a cult following among professional and amateur keyboard players." [1]"The CX-3 is a Hammond organ copy which simulates the sound created by rotating tone wheels in a Hammond console model organ, such as the B-3. It also provides a number of subtle nuances associated with the Hammond organ, all electronically. The CX-3 uses digital "modeling" technologies to produce and modify its sounds." [1]It "produces two manuals of output: an upper manual with percussion, which also controls the overall tone and character of the patch, and a lower manual, which can use its own set of drawbar controls." It has "two sets of Hammond-style drawbars" and an "Expression/Overdrive knob is added on the left to allow the volume and growl of the CX-3 to be changed without the use of a foot expression pedal." The CX-3 also has "built-in reverb" and a "Leslie simulator." [1]


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