Koriša bombing

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Koriša bombing
Prizren 2006.PNG
Location Koriša, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Date 14 May 1999
Target Unknown
Attack type
Missile attack
Deaths 87–100
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators NATO

The Bombing of Albanian refugees near Koriša occurred on 14 May 1999 during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, when NATO aircraft bombed ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. At least 87 were killed and 60 wounded,[1][2][3] and the death toll may have been as high as 100.[4]

After the bombing, Serb officials took TV crews to the scene and later Serbian television showed scenes of devastation, bodies burned beyond recognition and charred tractors scattered at the scene of the attack.[5] The Yugoslav government insisted that NATO had targeted civilians,[6] while Kosovo Albanian survivors claimed that they had been set up by Yugoslav authorities so that they would be killed by NATO bombs.[7] The incident occurred near Koriša, a town near the southern city of Prizren.


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