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View west from Korsvika

Korsvika is a small residential area of in the Lade neighborhood of Trondheim, Norway. Korsvika has several small beaches, and the Ladestien trail runs through the area. In Korsvika there is also a kindergarten named "Korsvika barnehage".[1]


At the end of the 10th century, Håkon the Good lived in Korsvika, where he was born. He was very special because he was allowed by the Danish king Harald Bluetooth, after they allied. Håkon never converted to Christianity.


"Korsvikaspillet" is a play which is performed biennially in Korsvika. The play was originally made because of the 800-year jubilee celebration of the Lade Church in 1989. In 1995, Idar Lind wrote a new manuscript to the play. The plot of the play is the life of earl Håkon Sigurdsson. The story is told by a skald named Einar Skåleglam. The play is based on the actual history of the area.


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