Koshare Indian Museum

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Koshare Indian Museum
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Coordinates 37°58′19″N 103°32′40″W / 37.97190°N 103.54456°W / 37.97190; -103.54456Coordinates: 37°58′19″N 103°32′40″W / 37.97190°N 103.54456°W / 37.97190; -103.54456
Website http://www.kosharehistory.org/
Koshare Indian Museum in La Junta, Colorado

The Koshare Indian Museum is a registered site of the Colorado Historical Society in La Junta, Colorado. The building, located on the Otero Junior College campus, is a tri-level museum with an attached kiva that is built with the largest self-supporting log roof in the world.[1] The building was built in 1949.[2]

The museum features works of Pueblo and Plains tribal members.[3]

The museum also facilitates Boy Scouts traveling to Philmont Ranch by providing museum discounts, as well as hostel stays for visiting Boy Scout troops.[4]

Koshare Indian Dancers[edit]

J.F. "Buck" Burshears (1909-1987) was the founder and Scoutmaster of the Koshare Indian Dancers, and author of "The Scoutmaster's Prayer".[5] Members of Boy Scout Troop 232,[6] in addition to fulfilling Boy Scout requirements, dedicate additional time to learn Native American culture, ceremonial dances and recreate Native American regalia.

I have been to many spectacles, from Madison Square Garden and the New Amsterdam Theatre to the Hollywood Bowl and the Santa Anita race track, and there is nothing in my memory to match a performance of these Boy Scouts which was recently given at the Red Rock Theatre, up in the hills from Denver.

Be a Great Boy is a compilation of memoirs from past Koshare Indian Dancers. The book also serves as an archive of the museum's history and media coverage.[7]

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