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Kosovar hip hop (also called hip hop in Kosovo or Kosovar rap) is a sub-genre of hip hop music from the south-eastern European country, Kosovo. Hip hop in Kosovo began to have an impact during the early 1990s during the beginning of ethnic conflicts, as it did throughout all of the Balkans. Kosovo and Albania have been noticed in the hip hop scene around the same time. Kosovar hip hop music is written in the native languages of Kosovo; mainly Albanian and Serbian.

There are several hip hop MCs in Kosovo, the most popular being Unikkatil from Pristina, Kosovo. Presioni and The Kid Gashi are also hip hop MCs from Kosovo, who have been performing throughout the 2000s. More recently, the group BimBimma have grown in popularity from their politically inspired tracks, other groups such as Abstract and solo artist Elinel have also grown in the Kosovar Rap scene.

Kosovar rappers speak in Albanian, as well English.

Kosovar Hip-Hop began to gain popularity in mid 90's. The songs were mostly inspired by the 1998-99 war. Kosovar Hip-Hop is considered to be the top hip hop in the Balkan's region. Kosovar rappers have also started international careers, most notably The Kid Gashi, Action Bronson.

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