Kosovo Operation (1944)

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Kosovo Operation
Part of World War II in Yugoslavia
Date October 15 – November 20, 1944
Location Kosovo, Albanian Kingdom
Result Bulgarian–Partisan victory
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Yugoslav Partisans
Albania Albanian Partisans(Limited Involvement)
Nazi Germany Germany
Albania Balli Kombëtar
Commanders and leaders
Bulgaria Kiril Stanchev
Bulgaria 78,000 men

Bulgaria 85 tanks

Bulgaria 895 guns and mortars[1]

The Kosovo Operation (October 15–November 20, 1944) was a series of military operations leading up to one final push during World War II, launched by the Bulgarian army (commanded by Major General Kiril Stanchev)[2] with the assistance of Yugoslav and Albanian Partisans to expel German forces from Kosovo and Metohija and prevent the retreat of German forces from Greece. The operation resulted in the capture of Kosovo by the Allies.


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